Core Competencies
Core Competencies
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Exercises, Experiments & Wargames

Exercise and Train as you intend to fight.
    Invest in Analysis and Research to evaluate risk and technical maturity.
        Before the crucial engagement ...
            Before we commit to spend the big bucks.

These adages have never been more applicable than they are today, to prepare us face the challenges of the 21st century. Odyssey is proud to support a broad range of critical analyses, experimentation, and wargames/exercises that help maintain our nation's military preparedness. Our customers rely on Odyssey analysts and engineers to coordinate and plan major exercise conduct, including:

  • Prioritizing and drafting realistic current and future operational and threat scenarios
  • Proposing and scheduling personnel and weapon system deployments
  • Proposing and securing modeling and simulation support
  • Conducting exercise data collection, analysis, and reporting

Odyssey personnel are widely recognized as expert analysts, and are leading many high-visibility experimentation and analysis projects including:

  • Leading assessments of technical alternatives to satisfying the need for increased space systems capabilities: remote sensing, Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance, early warning, ground systems, satellite communications, etc.
  • Designing and Conducting assessments of military utility
  • Verifying the viability and effectiveness of deliberate and crisis action Operational Plans to meet the Commander’s Intent, and proposing amendments to those Plans
  • Enhancing the warfighting capabilities of operational organizations through more effective and more rigorous training and exercise

Odyssey is seeking people with new ideas and a passion to research and expose optimal solutions – in the lab, within the blueprint and architecture, and on the battlefield.