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Operational Support

One of Odyssey’s most exciting capabilities is our wide-ranging technical and programmatic support of operational systems and the warfighter. Some examples of our work include:

  • Operating and assessing the nation’s latest Missile Defense systems
  • Maintaining and sustaining military aircraft on the flightline and at sea
  • Flying experimental military satellites
  • Managing satellite communications
  • Fielding and sustaining systems
  • Ensuring satellites remain healthy and in their intended orbits
  • Conducting space operations in support of the nation’s leadership and globally-deployed warfighters
  • Providing field and HQ Command and Control support
  • Supporting US Military, NATO, National Laboratories, and NASA communications systems
  • Providing expertise in Joint warfighting concepts development

Odyssey engineers and analysts support these and many other leading edge systems from the field, laboratory, and headquarters staff locations. Odyssey’s operational support represents some of the most exciting technology advances in the world today, which means we need the best-of-the-best to join our rapidly expanding team.