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Core Competencies
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Testing is a key component of our support across Odyssey’s entire customer base, from HMI user experience evaluations to the highest standards of reliability and functionality required by airframes and NASA manned and unmanned spaceflight and ground systems. Odyssey’s comprehensive testing expertise includes all Integrated Test Team activities, including:

  • Policy and doctrine
  • Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures
  • Concepts of Operation (CONOPS)
  • Operational Testing Requirements
  • New Capability Fielding
  • Flight/Ground Tests and Testing Activities

Odyssey personnel drive risk out of complex systems acquisitions by leveraging and designing test activities at the earliest stages of a system’s lifecycle. Our knowledgeable approach includes specialty engineering expertise such as electromagnetic compatibility design and testing, aerodynamic compatibility testing, advanced simulations, and flight test planning for both armament and aircraft systems. Testing is an exciting field and a critical responsibility -- if you have the skills, the passion, and the guts for the job, we want you on our team.