LINX Mission Collaboration Suite

The Future of Global Operations & Intelligence

LINX Mission Collaboration Suite

The Future of Global Operations & Intelligence

LINX represents an opportunity to move our $5 Billion a year Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Enterprise away from spreadsheets and PowerPoint toward the power and efficiency of a real-time, global collaboration environment.

From intel request to mission complete, the LINX Mission Collaboration Suite’s intuitive, browser-based workflow, tools, and visualization allow for real-time allocation, scheduling, execution, tracking and reporting on all ISR air / ground missions, intelligence, assets, and personnel. Secure Internet Protocol Router (SIPR)-accredited & deployed, LINX’s modular-architecture allows for rapid-deployment for your mission-specific needs.

LINX Mission Collaboration Suite Features and Capabilities

LINX Common Operating Picture and Current Intelligence Picture

Linx Screenshot - Common Operating Picture and Current Intelligence Picture

LINX Chain of Command with Unit Relationships

Linx Screenshot - Chain of Command with unit relationships

Air & Ground Operations Support

  • Support for Multi-Domain ISR Operations
  • Air ISR Support to Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) Events
  • Automatic decision support to Air Operations Centers
  • Links Sensor, Shooter, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) and Joint Operations Centers (JOC) Interoperability Test Command (ITC)s
  • Intuitive Global Plans & Tactical Operations Workflow
  • 24 / 7 Accountability for all ISR and PED Operations

Collection Requirements Management

  • Collection Strategies linked by Post Implementation Review (PIR)s, Named Areas of Interest (NAI)s, Plan of Instruction(POI)s
  • Intelligence Requests linked to Strategies
  • Collection Plans Synchronized by Unit
  • Collection Operations Management
  • Synchronize 24 / 7 ISR Air Operations & Ground Forces

Intelligence Enterprise Management

  • Intelligence Enterprise Map
  • Rapid Identification of Fusion Team Subject Matter Expert (SME)s
  • Request for Intelligence Workflow

Real-Time Unit Status Reporting & Visualization

  • Ground / Air ISR Platforms, Sensors, Munitions, Equipment, etc.
  • PED Team, Fusion Team, Resident Space Objects (RSO) Team Management
  • Critical Unit & Personnel Information
  • 24 / 7 Accountability of the Force
  • Instantaneous Commanders Update Brief

Mission Command

  • Enterprise-wide to Unit-level data in Real-time
  • Common Operating Picture / Current Intel Picture
  • Military Processes & Automated Workflows
  • Adheres to Command & Control Structure
  • Configurable User Roles & Permission Levels

Strategic Asset Planning & Allocation

  • Strategic Aerial ISR Plans & Allocation
  • Operational Rates & Assessment Reporting
  • ISR Effectiveness & Contract Value Analysis

The LINX Mission Collaboration Suite is:


The LINX Mission Collaboration Suite Supports:


For more information about the LINX ISR Collaboration Suite or to schedule a software demo, please contact:

Stephen St. Mary
Director, Odyssey Solution Innovation Group

Reid Webber
Strategy and Product Lead, Odyssey Solution Innovation Group

Robert Cognetti
Director of Strategic Growth, Odyssey Solution Innovation Group