Odyssey Employee Shout Outs

Kudos to everyone for their great work! Below are some recent highlights of Odyssey employee achievements.

WIS SOF Team wins coveted AFLCMC SPO of the Year Award, as well as two Packard Awards

The AFLCMC/WIS Special Operations Forces & Personnel Recovery (WIS SOF/PR) team was awarded the Air Force Life Cycle SPO of the year award. The award is given to the top Program Office in the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center — #1 out of 85 Program Offices. It’s competitively selected based upon both what the program office has delivered to the warfighter, and how they did so, with a focus on innovative solutions in both areas.

The WIS SOF/PR team:

  • Fielded 13 new aircraft (10 HC/MC-130Js and 3 AC-130Js)
  • Enabled the 1st downrange deployment for and combat debut of the AC-130J gunship
  • Delivered over 200,000 pieces of equipment to our Special Warfare operators
  • Supported nine different PEOs via in-house engineering design, development, manufacturing and modifications performed by the Rapid Development and Integration Facility (RDIF)

We also stood up 3 new innovative organizations to improve collaboration with users in the Air Force and across DoD: the Special Warfare Technical Integration and Support Center (SW-TISC) in Fort Walton Beach, FL; the Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) User Engagement Site (UES) at Pope Army Airfield, NC; and the Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) product center (in conjunction with SOCOM) at Ft Belvoir, VA.

Finally, we were also instrumental in planning and conducting the Air Force’s 1st ever “Pitch Day”, developing all the execution-level details for how to conduct the individual source selections.

Of note, the TAK Product Center and AF Pitch Day teams both won Packard Awards, given out by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment to the top teams in DoD.  We believe this may be the first time in history one program office has had membership on two Packard Award teams in the same year.

Congratulations to the WIS SOF/PR Team for consistently delivering dominance to the warfighter… anytime… any place.

Odyssey WIS SOF Team

The WIS SOF Team: Row 1 Robert Royce; Elan Smith, Denise Patterson, Christina Clark, Mark Slasor, Ricky Robinson, Thomas Brinson, Jeffrey Engber, Tamara Jones, William Gotcher, Wilson Taylor Row 2 Anthony Rubino, Ron Smith, John Altick, Jackie Vanderwoude, Steve Mascarella, Danny Keen, Maxton Singletary, Forest Oberschlake, Linda Canter, India Huger Row 3 Julia Fisher, Christine Filbrun, Sylvia Logan, Michelle Turner, Suzanne Marvin, Jeremy Tackis, Douglas Puckett, Rey Febo, Ivan Soper Row 4 Debra Borders, Denise Coyle, Chris Jones, Brian Peters, Glen Saxon, Marc Geissler Row 5 Charles Valley, Drew Renn, Alan Mortensen, Kenneth Aldrich, Keil Seward Row 6 Thomas Verni, Frank Allen, Eric Boone, Jack Lorthioir, Troy Bauerbach, Stephen Yingling Row 7 Arliss Perry, Darrell Parker, Bradford Kenney, Ron Charette, Richard Duprey, Arthur Bodiker, Greg Chura, Jason Blehm, Kris West, Greg Zillman, Rolf Ludvigsen. Not pictured: Bradford Bergsten, Rosita Brignola, Robert Carr, Guillebaldo Cepeda, Justin Franklin, Timothy Fry, Veronica Green, Richard Johnson, Danny Keen, Billy Leach, Curtis Ledgerwood, Theodore Mars, Jennifer Perrault, Larry Powers, Tammy Riggs,David Ross, Anthony Rubino, Mark Seifert, Keil Seward, Curtis Smith, Jessica Smith, Ronald Smith, Travis Stroyick, Lee Turner

BMEWS/PAVE PAWS Logistics Team received Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Logistics Small Team (non-fly) 2019 Team of the Year Award

Odyssey BMEWS/PAWS Team

Photo, left to right: Amy Sabol, Darleen Higgins, Karen Schmidtman, Amanda Mcleod, Julia Green (USAF), and Mike McCleish

The Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) / Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System (PAVE PAWS) logistics team ensured the supportability of 12 programs valued at $74.9 million—key to the radars providing 1.3 trillion cubic kilometers of search area for ballistic missile threats. As members of a matrixed team, the logistics team members deployed for nine weeks to the radar site to verify 878 steps and correct 3,000 errors in the maintenance technical orders. The outstanding work of the logistics team proved vital to the radar upgrade passing the first operational test in seven years. Additionally, the logistics team partnered with three organizations to deliver 12 critical parts to the test team at the radar site, resolving a spares concern and averting a three-week delay to operational test.  Always willing to lend a hand, the BMEWS/PAVE PAWS team assisted the Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System program office with equipment inventory necessary to transition equipment accountability to the new sustainment contractor. The transition of equipment marked an end to 18 years of Total System Performance Responsibility with a single contractor.

Phillip Freeman, our JTAC Subject Matter Expert (SME) visited our Coalition Partners from Australia from late February into mid-March 2020. Odyssey’s partnership with the Australian Defense Force (ADF) supports the ADF’s Joint Fires Program. HQ AFSPC A2/3/6 and A4, 21OG stakeholders. The ADF has great praise for the entire Odyssey team, the Program Manager, SME and especially the database development team.

As a result of John Betz and Greg Williams’ significant dedication and test efforts on EPASS HBQ in support of the Strategic Warning and Surveillance Division test test efforts, the Government successfully received multi-year USSTRATCOM High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Certification for the Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System (PARCS) radar.

In his role as mathematician, Odyssey team member Mr. John Halvran performed extensive deep dives into the 90,000 simulation runs for Advanced Medium Range Air-to-air Missile (AMRAAM) System Improvement Program (SIP)-2 Probability of Weapon Effectiveness (Pwe). His analysis lead to a more realistic accounting of AMRAAM Pwe performance, including: 48% error reduction, 23% memory usage reduction, and a 72% reduction in simulation run-time required.

Mr. Bryan Vicente, Chad Jusseaume, and brand new member to our Odyssey team, Richard Jeffries have been instrumental to the success of the Space Fence program, actively filling critical gaps and fixing urgent issues to help in this long-standing ACAT I effort propel forward averting lengthy and costly delays during concurrent Developmental and Operational Test. This collaborative team contributes in a variety of technical roles, often outside of their core expertise to support the mission. Bryan in particular championed Space Fence’s Cyber Security Risk Management Framework (RMF) efforts to secure a multi-year Authority to Operate (ATO) and Authority to Connect (ATC) by assessing the security posture of the Space Fence enclave and networks distributed across several nodes that span across the east coast of the US to Guam, Hawaii, and the Marshall Islands, meticulously addressing detailed compliance matters and several hundred controls. His strike team effectively did approximately six man-months of work on behalf of the Prime developer to close a program schedule gap and brokered a just-in-time two-year ATO for Space Fence.

MILSATCOM (MC) LASS PTES Team was the SMC nominee for the David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award. The team will compete for the 2019 Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Acquisition Awards. The team was selected by Dr. Roper (SAF/AQ) to represent the Air Force.

Enterprise Architect, James Mills, was selected AS&S Employee of the Quarter (Q4, 2019, Oct-Dec) by the AFLCMC/HBQ Shared Early Warning (SEW) Branch for providing rapid engineering solution for a cybersecurity initiative. His efforts alleviated potential mission failure while minimizing delays to increased system cybersecurity.

Jason Parker was submitted by his government customer for the 2019 Command Test and Evaluation Award. Mr. Parker expertly led a test team for the USNORTHCOM weapon system status and capabilities. A superstar performer as evidenced by the customer’s willingness to submit him for a command level award.

The AFLCMC/HBQ Space Fence Team, supported by several Odyssey EPASS personnel, was named the AFLCMC/HBQ Large Team of the Quarter for 4th Quarter 2019. The team was also named AFLCMC/HBQ nominees for the 2019 AFLCMC Annual Excellence Large Team Award for exceptional efforts culminating in delivery of the Space Fence System and its required available assets.

Mike Russel on the HBQ EPASS contract is considered by the customer to be their Odyssey Subject Matter Expert on ‘all things Agile.’ Mike presented an Agile briefing during the Ground Based Requirements Logistics Summit (GBRL) this Fall and per the Government customer, Mike delivered a ‘phenomenal presentation’ having presented the Government’s Agile plan.

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