Behind The Scenes

F-15 Program, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

F15 Eagle

As part of the F-15 contract, several Odyssey personnel provide outstanding support to the F-15 Infrared Search and Track (IRST) Program, the F-15C Legion Pod.

The Legion Pod provides advanced IRST21 sensor system technology in a podded configuration, enabling plug-and-play operations across fighter and non-fighter aircraft platforms. Legion Pod’s IRST21 incorporates block improvements that facilitate the engagement of threats at significantly extended ranges.

Adventures in Odyssey Recruiting on the West Coast

Pohlman Chioido

In July, Senior Recruiter Mark Pohlman found himself shorthanded for a recruiting event in Santa Ana California, so he sent out the Odyssey Bat Signal to enlist help from our LA AFB team.

BAM!One of Odyssey’s newer team members Matthew Quiocho, jumped at the chance, volunteering to drive an hour south to Santa Ana. Matthew enthusiastically teamed up with Mark to form a dynamic duo and both settled in at the recruiting booth to find the best and brightest candidates. Five hours later and several dozen resumes later, the dynamic duo came away with a handful of qualified candidates. Both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and at times found themselves bonding over their shared experiences having both previously worked for staffing companies.

POW!Matthew had the added opportunity to share with several candidates his experiences in the AF Reserve as a space operator, which is how he was able to get a security clearance and eventually work his way from working in the staffing industry to SETA support at LA AFB. One of the important lessons learned was: people in general, but especially in these types of situations, just want to feel like they are being heard and are looking for someone willing to listen. So in your day-to-day interactions, remember that even if a person is not meeting your expectations make sure you are taking the time to really listen. You may find yourself surprised at what kind of interesting and worthwhile information you come away with.

HBQ, Peterson AFB, Colorado and Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts

SWSS LogoAfter joining Odyssey in April 2019, Diah Schur quickly became an invaluable engineering asset to the Strategic Warning and Surveillance Systems Division, recommending and initiating a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) effort to enable the HBQR Branch, and Upgraded Early Warning Radar (UEWR) system of systems, to reclaim and manage the technical baseline throughout the lifecycle.

The agile-based effort encompasses engineering, logistics, sustainment, configuration, and program management into a tool enabling program greater management visibility and decision-making. Diah’s efforts are complemented by Dimitri Makris, Carlos Molina, and Sean Perkins who are also new members of the Odyssey team helping to implement beneficial change for their customer.

Odyssey’s Jack McConnell was quoted in a Hanscom Public Affairs article about support to NORAD’s efforts to support critical Joint Emergent Operational Need for PEO Digital using agile methodologies. The article was published in The Hansconian, The Space Observer at Peterson AFB, AFLCMC in the News and AFMC News. Jack, who is the lead engineer for the system that includes ~3 million lines of code, was quoted about the size of the effort being “about the size of a full operating system, like Windows. There were about 100 people putting this program together, and they made it fast, secure and reliable for a system that cannot fail.” Odyssey efforts were recognized by Col. Todd Weist, “Proud acquisition professionals providing Strategic Warning and Surveillance capabilities as promised!”

MC-LASS Pool 5B, Peterson AFB, Colorado, Los Angeles AFB, California, Vandenberg AFB, California, and Schriever AFB, Colorado

QuioichoAs an AF Reservist-Space Operator, Matthew Quiocho from the LA AFB team had the pleasure of putting on his uniform and joining the Eshelman Elementary School Career Day. He entertained 3rd and 4th graders with numerous stories from his space career while stressing the importance of math and science for anyone aspiring to enter the space profession when they grow up.

Judging from some of the questions he received from the children, he could tell there were a number who were well on their way to becoming future scientists and engineers. This was the second year in a row that Matthew participated in the Eshelman Career Day, and he hopes to continue in future years. According to Matthew, “students this age are open to so many different possibilities. It’s incredibly rewarding to broaden their horizons and help nurture their imaginations.”

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